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About Richard

I’m a recovered actor, avid cook, and recruiter. I hang out at home with Kent and the cats. We watch a whole bunch of TV and movies. And I ride the train or the bus (and the water taxi and whatever else gets me where I’m going). So this is just a place to share my observations and stories of life and the remarkable world we transit through.

  1. Kim permalink

    So glad I get to read these now (since I’m still an avid avoider of Facebook). Thanks for broadening your exposure, so to speak. I’ll look forward to being a regular reader. KIM

  2. Chris permalink

    I love the bus stories! Keep them coming!

  3. John Hegna permalink

    Richard, I am SO glad you’ve created this website.
    “Life in transit” – that phrase alone speaks volumes!

  4. Richard, love the blog and looking forward to reading more!

  5. Diane Roberts permalink

    So happy to know you and share in your random thoughts about life. xxoo

  6. Chris permalink

    Richard, always a pleasure to read your writes. Thanks for linking to FB, but a much better presentation of your gift. Chris

  7. Busboy permalink

    I have been missing your bus stories. Hope you are OK.

    • Thank you for the note, BB. I’m fine but new commute is much shorter and, while that’s great, the opportunity for inspiration has been equally diminished. Hoping to find that spark again soon!

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