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Train Story: Mystery Meat

July 25, 2019

He waits on the platform with a dozen others as the train pulls in. The apparent comfort of his backwards baseball cap, board shorts, and ubiquitous black tech company T-shirt belies his anxiety. As he waits, he fidgets and regularly looks over each shoulder, and then from side to side, as if expecting an attack from any direction. The train stops and as soon as the doors open, he dashed aboard, shouldering aside a few startled commuters.

Once in the train, he hurtles into a seat by the window, and watches the platform intensely. Only when the doors close and we pull away, does he seem to finally let out the breath he had been holding. He is carrying a small lunch container; one of those plastic boxes with small straps for handles. He puts it on his lap, holding it tightly.

If he is being chased for what he’s got for lunch today, the mind fairly reels at the possibilities.

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