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Train Story: Learning to Human

October 9, 2018

We are unusual animals. With sentience, one would think that we would be acutely aware of ourselves and our surroundings. If I look at our cats, for example, there is rarely a moment their ears aren’t swiveling to alert them to some sound or keeping a vigilant eye on us, just in case we move towards the cabinet with the treats. Since humans became the dominant species on the planet – a phrase I write with all the eye-rolling irony I can muster – we have mostly lost that awareness.

Case in point: Oblivious Guy.

It doesn’t help that he wears massive headphones. Lack of aural input notwithstanding, he appears unaware that there are other people around him. He blocks aisles while he fiddles with a backpack the size of a small island nation. Dropping into a seat with a train shaking thud, he immediately “man spreads”; mashing his knees and elbows into the unlucky rider next to him. He commits one of the most heinous of transit crimes and puts his crap on the vacant seat opposite. Finally, someone makes him move it by repeatedly speaking to him loudly, gesturing, and, eventually, requiring a tap on his shoulder to get him to pay attention. And as the sparkling turd of a topper, he tosses his stuff onto the very useful luggage rack overhead, and a mini-umbrella drops through the grating and lands on a passenger. He merely reaches for it, without the slightest acknowledgment or apology.

He is the Prince of Pillocks; the Raj of Rude.

Don’t be this guy. Selfishness is killing the planet, the other creatures we share it with, and our very humanity. Think about others. Care about them. On the train. In the office. In life.

Here endeth the lesson.

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