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Train Story: Change Takes Practice

October 2, 2018

There is something very wrong about the man. His head doesn’t seem to move in quite the right way. Just standing still, it looks like he’s about to topple over. Adding to the oddness, his clothes don’t fit him at all. He’s not a big guy, but every stitch he’s wearing seems to be three sizes too small. I fear for the buttons on his shirt and the seams on his pants; they are fit to explode, quite literally.

As he stands to leave, a rotund gentleman, barking orders into a phone, crashes into him and grunts what might be an apology. The odd man says “Oh that’s okay!”, when clearly it isn’t. As soon as the words escape his lips, he gasps suddenly and he reaches up and gingerly touches his nose. He pats it. Several times. And satisfied that nothing is amiss, he gives a little snort of glee, and, with all the grace of a flopping, gangly Great Dane puppy, he departs the train.

Pinocchio might very well be a real boy these days, but he desperately needs physical therapy and a new tailor.

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