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Train Story: Something Old, Something New

October 1, 2018

With the move to a new city comes a change in commute. But this time, the change is more than shifting from the ole 54 to the “C” line to the 120. In some ways, a bus is a bus is a bus. And despite the sameness of being on a bus, the variety of story inspiration was usually there (until the world went to hell in a hand-basket, just about 619 days ago, and my brain couldn’t deal. Correction: can’t deal.)

And now, I’m on a train. And it’s different. And the same. It is more predictable and far more comfortable that a bus. It has free wifi and scenery to look at. The telltale clickety-clack sound is soothing as we zoom along, without the starts and stops and vagaries of automobile traffic. But there are people and they are, as before, in transit. And they are as interesting, silly, cunning, and daft as always.

And so the stories continue.

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