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Bus Story: Balancing Act

July 27, 2018

The drone of bagpipes rolls around in my head as Enter The Haggis hits their stride in my playlist. As the sun barges its way into our rolling caravan, a young woman, with two-toned hair that would make Pepe le Pew swoon, decides to ignore the bus driver’s advice and stands in the center of the aisle without holding on to anything. I watch and wince as we roll around corners and hit bumps and she totters and lurches. She is taking it as a perseverance challenge, I suppose. I am not alone in the wincing-activity. All around her, people seated and standing flinch at each almost-fall; some even reach out halfway to catch her, should she topple over.

And finally, the combination of gravity and inertia can no longer be withstood. What seems to be a relatively small swerve is the proverbial straw and, with a little grunt, she crashes over and into no fewer than four people as she careens from one to the other, like a pinball whacked by the flipper.

Pushing yourself to limits is admirable. We should always strive to challenge ourselves in different ways. And it is equally important to be aware of the impact that these challenges might have on others; literally or figuratively.

Here endeth the lesson.

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