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Bus Story: Packing For Adventure

April 24, 2018

Reaching into her backpack, she withdraws a mason jar filled with mixed nuts. After hunting for the few pecans, she sighs, screws the lid on and replaces it in the bag. A few moments later, she rummages around in the knapsack again and, this time, pulls out another mason jar; this one filled with dry cereal. And reaches back in and, to my astonishment, her hand emerges with a full half-gallon of 2% milk. After adding milk to the cereal, back the milk goes, and out comes a long handled spoon. As my mouth drops open, she also surfaced what must have been a supersized container of blueberries. Adding berries to the jar completed, back they go and she sets in to eating.

As we arrived at the first stop downtown, she finishes her meal, and all the dishes return to her backpack. Squinting at the sun, as she stands, she impossibly pulls a full sized parasol from the pack and snaps it open as she steps onto the sidewalk, and I watch it bob up and down as she wends her way away through the morning crowd.

It appears that a Bag of Holding may come in different styles and, despite what you think, they aren’t just for keeping swords, potions, and big piles of gold.

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