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Writing Practice – Day 1: “Choice Movement”

July 23, 2017

For these exercises, I am pulling a random image from the internet and giving myself up to 1 hour to write something. 

Writing Practice- Day 1 - boat

The sails make strange sounds. The fabric, when stretched against the pressure of wind, emits a tone, not unlike the soulful music of a flute. Because they are different sizes and shapes, the tones vary quite a bit. And when the ship moves along the surface of the water, and each sail is taught with air, the ship sings.

But not today.

Oh, there is music in the sails. They are stretched and their song glides along the surface of the water, but the ship does not. A conundrum of physics, floating on a calm sea; the sails are full and the boat sits motionless. Inside the cabin, a lone sailor wrestles with this improbability. Aspirant Davith had hoped that his unique solution to this test would win him a medal and the attention of his instructors, but unless he can figure out how to move the ship, he will be stranded on this tranquil sea. Forever.

Not for the first time in his young life, Davith faced the grim consequences of his decisions. His parents forbade him to enter the academy, and by going against their wishes, he left himself destitute and without a family. To raise money for his application, he chose to take a job that paid well because the work required that he act in ways, on behalf of his employer, that others found distasteful and cruel. And so he had no friends. Having passed the entrance exam, he chose the Art for his area of study, again setting him apart from the majority of his classmates who, due to the agrarian way of life in his region, chose to study the Body or the Way. And now, insisting on being able take this test, despite the protests of his instructors that he was not yet ready, he finds himself with the sails full but the ship sitting as still as a stone in the mud.

Settling his mind into a calm state, using the glassy-water as inspiration, Davith focused his thoughts on a solution. It was risky, but the choice was really no choice; he had to do something or he would die. Slowly and very much alone. In a clear voice, absent of all doubt, he spoke the words and demanded the attention of a djinn. He had little to bargain with and the capricious djinn were not known for their sense of humor, nor did they give a damn about the life of a solitary human, floating on an endless sea, trying to become a sorcerer.

50 mins
426 words


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