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Bus Story: The Duality Commute

March 30, 2017

Tears decorate her alabaster face like delicate, salty icicles clinging to a statue in the depths of Siberia. No sound comes from her, swaying as the bus jolts and swings along its journey; but tears continue to make their way along her cheeks. Her pale skin is complemented by hair the color of smoke, a gray that is almost blue. Golden brown eyes are filled with sadness. Several of the riders gaze upon her with concern as their own eyes are brimming with sympathetic tears.

Without preamble, piercing the morning air is a giggle so filled with glee that other riders can’t help but join in. The source of the laughter is a woman so identical in appearance to the first that I make myself dizzy with double-takes. Same pale aspect, same hair, but the giggling woman’s brown eyes shine with happiness. Her effervescence cascades through the other half of the bus, in waves of giddy sunshine.

It is a nice balance that the twin goddesses of Sorrow and Joy ride the bus together, but it does make for a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the rest of us.


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