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Bus Story: Scalding Acceptance

March 3, 2017

It’s a disaster in the making. The gentleman boards the bus as if walking barefoot over vipers, his eyes wide with trepidation. Challenged just by walking, he has compounded the event by carrying an umbrella, a satchel, and, a carry-out container of hot soup. As the ridership sees the steam escaping, and the smell of chicken soup wafts through the early morning air – an atmosphere normally reserved for the scents of coffee and anxiety – you can feel the tension building. He gingerly steps along, making his potentially treacherous way down the aisle, towards a seat in the far back of the bus. With every bump and lurch, a collective clench circulates among the riders nearest him. Finally, a young woman, leaps to her feet and all but pushes him into her seat. His feeble protests transition to muttered gratitude as the rest of the bus releases the breath we didn’t realize we were holding.

Sometimes receiving help comes with a slight shove, but, when you take it, the world will be grateful.


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  1. Amazing how quick we are to offer it up, and so reluctant to receive it. Lovely reminder.

  2. tk Cleland permalink

    Glad you’re writing again. Love your Bus Stories…


    Katherine Cleland


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