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Bus Story: Transit in Three Acts

July 19, 2016

Caught between a suited sleep-deprived gent whose head is drifting perilously close to her shoulder, and a no-inside-voice 30-something berating her friend over the phone for some failure at Sunday brunch, the woman endures.

A new rider leaps aboard as if he’s the Pirate King ready to sing (about himself, of course), and he knocks the ill-sealed beverage held by a toddler in her stroller, and it splashes the remaining apple juice on the woman (and all those within several feet). And still, she endures.

Just before we reach downtown, a Sullen Teen sitting behind her, with a beanie pulled down just to his eyes, gets overly excited about a Pokemon Go capture, and he erupts into a bout of epic hiccups.
And the woman has had enough. Wild-eyed, she jolts to her feet and pushes, wheedles, cajoles, and bullies her way to the door at the front of the bus. Panting and disheveled, the instant the door opens, she bursts from the bus like rifle shot.

We may never know what, exactly, pushed her to the brink, but when they do, get off the runway, baby, she’s taking off.


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