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Bus Story: Cost of Goods Sold

April 22, 2016
His salt-and-pepper hair lays in tight curls on his head, slightly thinning towards the middle. Dressed for office work, his pale green shirt is as neatly ironed as it is well-worn. With a tremor in his hands, he removes his watch from his wrist and stares at it.  It’s a silver Timex, new and shiny; it stands out when compared to the rest of his accoutrements. He looks at it expectantly, as if it might speak. Then, with a deep sigh, he pulls the winding pin out and begins to turn the hands of the watch backwards. Ever so slowly, he spins the tiny knob and the silvery timepiece complies, counterclockwise. The tremor in his hands diminish, almost imperceptibly. The lines on his face fade, ever so, and his hair fills in and darkens. With a click, he pushes the winding pin back into the watch. Suddenly, he is wracked with pain, and breaks into a coughing fit. After it subsides, he dabs his nose with a handkerchief and it comes away with droplets of blood. I don’t know what, exactly, he put up for collateral when he borrowed that watch, but it appears that the price for turning back the hands of time is coming due.

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