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Bus Story: A Much Needed Arrival

February 1, 2016

It’s a late morning ride into downtown and the bus smells like wet dog and disappointment. Heads are low, and a chorus of sighs bounce around the caravan, as contagious as yawning. Her heels announced her arrival. With the distinctive tread of knee-high leather boots sporting four-inch heels, she climbs aboard and walks the aisle like a catwalk in Milan. Her eyes, the color of ancient amber, never stray from her forward gaze. In sharp contrast to the rest of the ridership, there is an optimistic determination in her face. A slight knowing smile graces her burgundy glossed lips. With a clickety-clack, her beaded auburn braids swirl about her, as she takes a seat, with all our eyes upon her. Like ripples in a stagnant pond, the riders closest to her relax a little and heads lift, ever so. Within moments, the entire bus feels lighter, less dread-filled, and riders look at the passing scenery, smile, and have a lighter step as they come and go.

Hope takes many forms. And some days, she’s a powerful woman with kick-ass boots, ready for anything.


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