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Bus Story: Adult Learning Theory

January 8, 2016

Friday arrives, as it does, creating that unique sensory event of an impending weekend. The sun has not yet pushed through the blanket of gray that enrobes the city, providing a half-light through which our metal caravan rolls along. It’s a quiet bus this morning, with more than a few empty seats. Settled into the back, practically equidistant from each other, are three large men. They are each dressed for work. One’s black shoes and checked pants places him in a professional kitchen. Another has some serious work boots, pants that could withstand the chomp of a T-Rex, and tool belt; the latter coiled like a faithful pet by his side. The last is in paint-spattered white coveralls. Their three trades set them as different from one another. But, at first glace, they are very alike. And then, as I look closer, they are the same. Not twins-same.  Nothing, apart from their clothes, is different between them. I spy initials marked on the tool belt in black pen: JAT. Like the light, now pushing through the clouds, it dawns on me. How else, but with cloning, could he do it? He has, clearly, mastered that particular skill.  If I had a hat, I would take it off to Jack of All Trades.


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