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Bus Story: Small and Mighty

January 7, 2016

The speed at which he thumb-types is staggering. His face, more pointy than anything else, is locked in deep concentration. Something startles him and he lets out a small cry of alarm, takes a breath, and re-attacks his phone’s tiny keyboard. His hair is spiky and dun colored and the aforementioned pointed face is accentuated by a sharp, twitching nose. Finally, he succeeds at whatever he was doing on his phone, and he stores it away, looking out of the window at the passing city; his beady, dark eyes scanning and assessing. As he steps off the bus, I catch just a glimpse of what appears to be a coiled rope under his jacket. Or is it a tail? Beware ne’er do wells and evil doers online and on the streets, for Mouse Man is on job!


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