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Bus Story: Traveling By Light

January 6, 2016

The goggles perched atop her head, resting on the well-worn leather flight helmet, reflect the pale light of the chilled morning. To say her look, complete with bomber jacket and calf-high boots, is incongruous with the throng of other commuters on the 120 would be doing a disservice to the variety of the riders this morning. But even without her costume-y appearance, she still doesn’t belong. There is a steel in her gaze and a purpose in her step that causes those around her to watch her, with great interest of what she might do next. But she only seems half-aware of us. And, when the sunlight floods the compartment with bright, winter light, I could have sworn she flickered. She was gone, briefly, like a faded after-image. We arrive downtown, and she hefts her knapsack and steps out into the throng and I lose sight of her among the grey and yellow light of the city. Stay strong, Ms. Earhart, and you’ll find your way home. 


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