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Bus Story: A Coat of Our Own Making

January 4, 2016

The black overcoat seems to be taking the man for a walk, rather than the man wearing the coat. His shiny head, bereft of all hair, from crown to chin, all but floats, unattached, above the Stygian folds of the garment. A woman steps aboard and moves to sit next to the coat-clad man. A rigidity appears in the previously draped cloth, as if the coat is shielding itself, and the man inside, from the potential of contact. As she sits, and smiles, wanly, at the man, he tries to speak. Whether a greeting or a warning, it is not known, for the collar of the coat quickly tightens and his attempt at communication becomes only a slight squeak.

I am reminded, gentle reader, as we venture forth into the new year, that darkness can, at times, feel warm and protective. But it is a trap which we must mightily endeavor to avoid.


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