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Bus Story: Unusual Form

March 3, 2015

Mother Nature is on sabbatical and her second cousin, Chaos, has been left in charge. While the weather goes topsy-turvy, we who are not burdened by snow and ice, continue our commute without much consternation other than a bus being packed or a stray lolly being dropped on a friend. Yes. That happened. Today, we chance upon a less crowded caravan and, through the standard stop-and-go traffic, we wend our way to wherever the 120 takes us. With a bite in the air, the heat blasts on and off, and I notice something rather remarkable. The large gent next to me, kitted out in outdoorsy work clothes, has a fragrance which I would venture to guess is not sold across the counter at the local parfumerie. He smells of the earth. Of rich soil, filled with the promise of new growth. The Avatar of Spring takes on many forms and, today, heads downtown to file an injunction against Chaos’ mishandling of winter’s end. 


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