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Borrowed Bus Story: Pairing Challenge

December 15, 2014

(A dear friend shared a picture from his commute, and I used it as inspiration for a story.)

It’s difficult. She just can’t quite make her mind focus. Thoughts move through like tumbleweeds, and she has trouble making the words match her ideas. It has always been this way. At least, she thinks it has been. Ever since…the beginning. She can remember a time of stillness; of reflection and contemplation, but only fleeting before it is lost again, like trying to catch cottonwood fluff blowing in a late summer breeze. But these puzzles help. They give her focus. If she can just keep them from getting wet. And thinking of that, she grimaces and looks to her left at her companion.

He’s always wet. Dripping. Soaking. Drenched. Nothing he can do about it, other than try and shield others from his dampness, lest they, too, become water-logged. It’s all he can do, to hang on while in motion, trying to keep his boggy self from splashing the other riders. And her. When she is near him, it’s like being run through the spin cycle on a top-line washer. He can’t do much else but apologize for getting her puzzles damp, when she brings them out of the safety of the baggie. But she doesn’t remember his contrition. And so they ride.

Getting around in winter is always tricky. But for the avatars of Wind and Rain, sometimes, public transportation is the only option, despite the frustration.



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  1. I always enjoy these. I rode the bus for about 35 years and enjoyed it greatly.

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