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Bus Story: Design for Living

September 15, 2014

Ramrod straight she sits. Her hair, the color of a muddy Golden Retriever, is pulled back and up into a tight bun. A navy dress, with white piping, is serviceable and of a durable cotton. Her shoes cause a double-take, for their color is so like that of her legs and feet, that it appears she is barefoot but with no toes, like a department store mannequin. Deep black and perfectly round sunglasses hide her eyes, but they must be watchful and piercing, just as the set of her mouth is one of implacable determination. Only when the light hits her upper arm just so do I see a tattoo, slightly raised lettering, hidden skillfully with makeup. “Olga – Mark IV”, it reads. It seems one of the local tech companies is dabbling in androids. The guy next to her is getting ready to hit on her. This may be a very interesting morning after all.


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