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Bus Story: A Life’s Unlocking

August 7, 2014

Buried somewhere deep within the Stygian recesses of his soul, a song begins to take shape. It is an ancient melody; it was sung when the world was new and only just finding its place within the universe. But for some, the music is silent. It lays dormant, waiting for just the right key to turn in a very unique lock. For this man, the key is about to be turned.

He stands in the aisle of the bus, riding the 125 as he has for what seems like an eternity of commutes. His blonde hair trimmed just so and with enough product in it that it doesn’t quite look real, but more like an interchangeable hairpiece on an action figure or even Barbie’s erstwhile boyfriend, Ken. His face is a study of impassivity and slight disdain; a small sneer curls his top lip from time to time. His cold, blue eyes look without seeing, glancing only perfunctorily at his fellow riders.

Until he is nudged from behind, ever so gently. Twisting around to launch a withering glare on the offender, he comes face to face with a woman as tall as he, with black, glossy hair and eyes as dark and deep as the Mariana Trench. She is beautiful in an unusual and somewhat avian way, by the shape of her mouth and the bone structure of her face. She cocks her head, slightly, looking at him with one eye and he freezes in mid-turn. The key has found the lock.

Suddenly, far within him, the music begins and he sees, truly for the first time, the world around him and his fellow travelers. The bus arrives at the next stop with a lurch and, as he grabs a handrail to keep himself steady, she kisses his cheek, noticing the salty tears on his face, and quickly vanishes through the opening doors.

Raven may be a trickster, but she loves humanity, and delights in revealing what is always there, deep inside of us.


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