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Bus Story: Summer Strange

July 16, 2014

The morning is like many others in early summer. A layer of fog rests atop the mountains like an alpaca shawl, and the still air is a mingle of warm and cool. The ridership is mostly subdued after a few days of higher than normal temperatures for this area, affecting sleep patterns and outdoor routines. Except her. She is supremely not subdued. Squirmy, agitated, and full of fidgets, she changes seats twice, takes off and puts on her jumper on at least three different occasions, and, most significantly, is arguing with herself. “Now, take it NOW!”, she tells herself, loud enough for the nearest four people to hear her clearly. “Not yet”, she replies, in a more hushed tone, with a slight trace of a vaguely Byzantine accent. Her thrashing about culminates in her dramatically flourishing a small, crystal vial containing a bright Kelly green liquid. The previously hushed voice commands “NOW!”, and she pulls the corked top and downs the liquid in a quick and loud gulp. With one more raucous jolt, her fidgeting ends and she settles calmly into her seat for the remainder of our journey. Darkness and Light resides within each of us, with an equal capacity for manifestation throughout our days. And some of us, it seems, have an elixir to help keep that balance in check.


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