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Bus Story: Reading Is Fundamental

April 1, 2014

Vast. Colossal. Matterhorn-esque. In two strides, he reaches the back of our shiny red and grey “C” Line and settles his acreage into a seat. Or three. With a little knit hat perched on his head, and shorts that could serve as a pavilion for all of Andorra, he cuts an incongruous figure of playful disaster. Gently apologetic, his small eyes search the faces of the two women on either side of him, as they scrunch themselves into smaller bundles of themselves. With fingers like Bavarian bratwurst, he gingerly extracts a book from his satchel and holds it close to his face. As he reads, he quietly moves his mouth, soundlessly forming the words. And in doing so, vestigial tusks can be seen in the corners of his beard-covered jaw. The book is a history textbook, “The World At War”, and as he reads, a bellicose aspect appears on his epic face. Ogres often get into college and can blend in on the bus with Bermuda shorts and trendy sock toboggans. But they do need to be careful of their course selections, lest their true natures be revealed.


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