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Bus Story: Casting About

December 3, 2013

There is quite a chill in the December air, partnered with a brilliantly blue sky, making for a conglomeration of bundled, squinting riders. As I’m on a late morning trip downtown, the cast is very different from the regular in-by-8am commute. Over there is Morning Therapy Appointment Kid, with his backpack and prepared deflection speech he will give to his classmates when they grill him about why he missed classes this morning. Next to him is Retired Inspector 43. After years of looking at jockey shorts, the slight scowl and thousand-yard stare are permanently affixed to his face. And most recently to arrive is Action Jackie, The Power Coach. Her Miss Clairol Number 204 helmet of hair might crack in the chilly air, but nothing will distract from her power-walking path of empowerment training. As she charges up the aisle, I half expect her to put a microphone headset on, power up an amplifier, and start taking us through her Power Point slide deck of stick figures with lightbulbs and exclamation points highlighted above their heads. Yup,not quite the same crowd as Should Have Stayed Home Guy and Bird-Woman, but they have their own stories and I just have to bide my time and pay attention and they will start to share them with me.

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