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Bus Story: Mind Field

October 3, 2013

Traveled out to the hinterlands, where programmers graze in loose packs of threes and fours, and raptor-like project directors stalk the walkways of the sprawling campus. The bus, overheated and packed, is fairly electrified with deadline pressure, service level agreement discontent, and smart phone upgrade envy. Folded next to me appears to be a wiry, smallish guy, who can’t be much more than 20. Nestled in the plastic over fabric covered seat, his feet are propped on the seat in front of us and his knees are practically tucked under each arm. He taps away on his phone with his left hand, while his right makes writing gestures in the air next to his head. From time to time he shakes his head slightly and utters a faint mewling sound, and seems to erase what he has been working on in the air. As we pull into a stop, he unfolds himself from the seat, revealing that he’s actually quite tall, probably six foot-two or more. Arms, elbows, torso…all seem to extend as if on pneumatics. I watch as he steps off the bus and, as we pull away, I see his air-thesis taking shape once again. I hope his work will benefit the world, but I have a feeling that he is working on a death-ray wielding robot army instead.


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  1. Hey, your campus safari seems to have invigorated you–nice vibrant writing!

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