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Bus Story: Out of Bounds Offspring

September 24, 2013

Her hair is as high as an elephant’s eye. The rings on her fingers would satisfy Ali Baba and all forty of the thieves. Bathed in the pale grey light of a fall morning, she could easily be riding in a palanquin instead of scooting along the road with the rest of us, aboard our shiny “C” Line bus. She seems to tolerate, and even have a slight interest in those who board the bus under her gaze, glancing at each with an air of regal curiosity. Only a flash of embedded cruelty in her pale blue eyes and the slight embroidery of her father’s sigil on her coat give her away. When Emperor Ming finds out that Princess Aura is exploring the outer worlds again, “merciless” won’t be the only epithet to describe his displeasure.


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