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Bus Story: They Ride Among Us

August 8, 2013

There is a tightness, a readiness to fight, that permeates the air around her. Her clothes are well made and serviceable but without any embellishment or personality. She is very pale, to the extreme, almost achieving a translucent blueish tinge. Her eyes are the only part of her that move; and they are in constant motion, searching this way and that, barely taking the time to blink. Clutched to her chest, she holds a backpack with both arms. By the way she clings, it seems to be life to her; it is the all of her universe. Perhaps it is. Riding along with us regular commuters on the shiny red and grey “C” line bus, a Guardian sits and watches, protecting her charge, always ready to defend the worlds and lives tucked away in an unassuming knapsack, given to her keeping.


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