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Bus Story: A Fearsome Combination

August 2, 2013

The pre-boarding dance ensues. As the bus comes into view, there are those who rush to stand where they think it will stop. There are others who hang back, like low-circling raptors, and then they crowd in just as the bus arrives, head-down as if eye-contact negates their place in line. She brought a new style to the dance. Waiting until the doors just start to open and the swoop-and-push starts, she bellowed a combination of a sneeze, cough, wheeze, and shout that made everyone jump back and instinctively cover their heads. It sounded like a plague-infested zombie exploded. With the path cleared, she trundled forward, like a charging wild boar. Her bulk arrived at the door, only to be forestalled by one of my favorite riders, whom I only see when he gets off the bus. He always exits with a long farewell to the driver and a glance out the door, before stepping down, to see what the weather is like, as if it might have drastically changed since he got on the bus. Then he carefully lowers himself to the sidewalk, often losing control of his backpack in the process. While he does this, he chatters non-stop in this marvelous Sterling Holloway sort of raspy-friendly-bear-of-very-little-brain delight. But today, the charging woman was stopped short by the obliviously happy man, and she halted and muttered angry words under her breath, stamping and huffing all the while. Because of his blocking tactic, one of those circling the line saw an opening and swooped in and got on before she could catch her breath and heave her acreage aboard. When she saw that she lost out on a seat towards the front, her angry muttering increased, and she had to suffice to take a less forward seat, where she dropped, unwrapped a large cinnamon roll and began to devour it, all the while eyeing the seat she wanted with a glare that would make Medusa do a double-take. It occurred to me that the Seven Deadly Sins don’t necessarily manifest in separate avatars. I think Wrath, Greed, Envy, and Gluttony have all found one host to ride around in. If she ever meets a team-up of Sloth, Pride and Lust, we should just all stay home and make sure our doors are locked.


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