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Bus Story: Listen to What I’m Showing You

June 20, 2013

I’m sitting in the bendy-bit of the bus, which allows for a swiveling perspective of the ridership. Bus trips are typically rather quiet. There are sometime wailing waifs or bellowing Differently Rational people, but those are the exceptions. Today, however, is different. As I swivel towards the back, I hear two distinct conversations. Each between a man and a woman, with the guys working really hard to impress with their knowledge of just about everything and, apparently, demonstrate their lung capacity. Then, as I turn as the bus turns, towards the front, friends meet coincidentally and there are whoops and halloos about the synchronicity of city life and, as one might expect, they regale each other with the happenings of their lives over the past decade. My head reels a bit as it is buffeted by three boisterous but disparate conversations swirling around me, like an undertow of language and expectation. We humans are funny creatures. The words we say, along with the intensity and timbre of our voices present one thing. And our non-verbal signals and tells are a swirly mess of counterpoint and insecurity. Yet in despite of, or perhaps because of, we buy and sell, we inspire tears and belly-laughs, and we fall in love. So we’re rather wacky communicators, and we still have a pile of work to do in order to be better listeners, but we’re doing the best we can. So, gentle reader, shout when you need to, sing if it works best, gesture wildly, and waggle your eyebrows, because something will get through eventually.


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