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Bus Story: It’s Funny When It Happens To Someone Else

June 13, 2013

There is something…odd…on the bus this morning. It’s just a feeling. We’re alternating between fairly flying down the road and crawling slower than molasses in January, with the windows open and the heat blazing away. A woman loses herself in her music and starts dancing in her seat, slightly bumping her neighbors. The men on the bus are divided into two major groups: bald and serious and faux-hawked and oblivious. Those of us not in either camp are feel outmaneuvered. Someone’s phone plays an 80’s rock-ballad. Another rider gets the hiccups. Two young women speak with heads together, in officious and loud voices about what they hate and how busy they are. The hiccups stop abruptly. A wind gust sweeps some dude’s hat off of his head, and the way it hurtles over the rows causes a few to flinch and I hear the phrase “it’s a bat”. As I said….odd. I notice one guy who is grinning ear to ear, like he’s in on some hilarious, private joke. The bus swings into the shadow of a mass of trees, and in the semi-darkness, I could swear I hear wings flapping and a soft cawing that recedes into the distance. The smiling guy is gone. Raven Trickster gets bored easily on the bus and we are all here for his amusement.


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