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Bus Story: Origin of Myth

June 10, 2013

They come in threes. The Fates. The Norns. The Wise Men. The Morrígan. On this afternoon’s ride, another trio makes an appearance. They are of a height and build as to almost be triplets. Tall and gaunt dudes, their frames are accentuated by identical faded jeans and tee-shirts, only separated by color – one black and two in shades of green. Hair style is a uniform mop/drape and two of the three sport knit hats that have never seen the inside of a washing machine. As a group, they comment on the world, as the bus scoots along. The first invariably pronounces his ultimate knowledge of the thing or event. The second refutes the assertions and presents his own, which are almost identical to the first’s, but with minor variations. The third decries it all, flushing every object, person, activity, or thought down his own capacious virtual latrine. I name them Pedanto, Refuteo, and Pessimo – the Three Annoyances.


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