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Bus Story: A Friend In Need

May 9, 2013

It’s a misty morning, as the ridership settles in for our journey. Should Have Stayed Home Guy is here and seems to be doing better. A pair of Like Totally Y’Know Tweens are ensconced in the back, having conniptions about some social media slight. A gentleman who is a cross between Green Arrow and a Gregorian Monk reads a weathered tome with a very serious look on his pasty, bearded face. Across the aisle, a woman sits with her arms tightly wrapped about her bag. She is all browns and blacks, with stark white socks as the one contrast. She talks quietly and frequently to someone. Someone who isn’t there. Or to be quite fair, someone I can’t perceive. Between chats, she coughs, twitches, scratches and clears her throat. Now I may be wrong, but I think if you are allergic to your imaginary friend, you may need a stronger antihistamine. Or a new invisible playmate.


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  1. busboy permalink

    “Or to be quite fair, someone I can’t perceive.”


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