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Bus Story: Spirited Commute

May 3, 2013

Wrong. Very wrong. Something was causing the hackles on the back of my neck to stand at attention like a West Point graduating class. At first I thought it was the dude in all white, right down to his unsullied Chuck Taylors. But with his bottle tan and predilection for pooka shells and ankle jewelry, I realized that he wasn’t a visitor from the spirit realm but just some guy whose fashion sense is stuck in 1978. Then I caught a glimpse of her, and understood who was messing with my grasp on reality. Dressed in only black and white, with wild, long hair, she fades in and out of view. The only color she had was her bright pink phone. When she spoke on it, she took form more solidly, and was berating the unlucky recipient of her call. Call after call, she got angrier and angrier. It isn’t often that you see an onryō on the bus, but I am glad her vengeful spirit visit from purgatory is focused on her phone and she’s not paying attention to the rest of us. I wonder if she’s trapped in the lurid pink phone. I guess some of the phone companies have harsh terms that you can’t pass over until you finish your plan contract.


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  1. I can’t trust anyone with spotless chuck Taylors 🙂

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