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Bus Story: The Lost and The Found

May 2, 2013

He enters in a maelstrom of drama. Huffing and indignant; the sidewalk, the bus, yea the very air itself, conspire to sabotage his commute. Although confused and clearly unsure of his next step, not to mention his ultimate destination, with practiced unpleasant ease, he makes it all someone else’s fault. Leaving a grump-cloud stench in his wake, he plops into a seat and rifles through his messenger bag for whatever new, vital object he has misplaced. He barely notices the woman he sat down next to, as she looks up, smiling at him. She is a picture of placid, round of face and dressed in the soothing colors of a summer garden. I see her speak to him, but I am too far away to hear her words. But the effect is apparent to all of us. As she speaks, she gently touches his arm, and he ceases his frenetic searching. The lines on his face diminish and he seems to calmly understand where he is going. Those who seek peace and enlightenment are fortunate when they find it. And the rest of us are fortunate when we encounter those who are willing to teach their finding to others.


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