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Bus Story: Sing Me a Song of the Sea

April 30, 2013

Wide-eyed wonder doesn’t even come close. Hungrily curious is more accurate. Her toes, pointed inward, fidget and twist in their brocade slippers. Her hair, delicately braided into five ropes, like ship’s rigging, intertwine on her head like a diadem. While her big blue-green eyes dart hither and fro, eagerly devouring all they see, her lily-white hand mechanically delivers paper-thin wafers of dark green seaweed into her constantly chewing mouth. The packaging of the wafers is alien to me, both in structure and language. She chews noiselessly and another wafer vanishes just as another is started. Nothing escapes her notice, from the small child whom she watches warily, to the ursine mountain man who, if he saw her rapacious gaze, would be shaken to his steel-toed boots. It seems that vacationing Sea Nymphs have voracious appetites for taking in the sights, for big men in flannel, and for compressed seaweed crackers.


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