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Bus Story: Smoke and Mirrors. Without the Smoke. Or a Mirror.

March 27, 2013

They are so very late. By this time of the morning, the Sullen Teens have ridden the line and should be congregated in swarms and packs on school grounds. But these guys, straggling behind, must work hard to be a phalanx of two. First tactic is the Gangly Sprawl. Legs, arms, extra coats and bags are strewn across as many seats as possible. This creates the impression of a horde. The second maneuver is the Hood Effect. This is the tried and true intimidation technique of pulling the hood far down over the face, feigning total disdain and the potential that the oh-so-scary youth is sleeping. They had both plans in place, but draped feet and bags withered quickly under the gaze of Imperious Coffee Woman, and when one of their phones rang, the hooded youth flung off his black cowl and squeaked “hi mom”. They went from being a cadre of hardened warriors to a pair of stringy late-for-school boys in less than a minute. You gotta build in a fail-safe or two if you want to maintain an illusion on the shiny C Line these days.


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