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Bus Story: What’s the Buzz?

March 25, 2013

Bundled, he is, against extreme cold. Except it’s probably around 42 degrees outside and closer to 70 on the bus. Regardless, he’s kitted out with wooly hat, gloves, scarves (yes, multiples), and boots. At the other extreme, sitting next to him is Shorts-Guy. Always in shorts and ankle socks. Always. Rain, shine, sleet or locusts…shorts. But back to his neighbor: it’s his parka that has my attention. Massive and bulky, with a slight fuzziness to it. And it is yellow and black. Stripey yellow and black. So I can’t help but wonder, as I’m sure you are thinking, gentle reader, if he might be a bumble bee, riding along with us. The shiny “C” line would be an interesting way to expand the search for pollen. I giggle to myself, drawing a sideways glance from my seatmate; it would be hilarious to see Herr Bumble do the waggle dance for his hive.


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