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Bus Story: Light the Way

March 19, 2013

Chilly and grey is the usual for mornings in these parts, but there is an extra level of both that seems to be coming from inside the shiny steel and composite semi-cylinder that we are riding in. I look about and watch my fellow travelers tighten their coats about themselves, as an icy breeze seems to emanate from the center of the bus outward. The morning light, reaching with its incandescent fingers, appears to diffuse and grow dim within the great rolling carriage. As I look around, I think I see someone in my periphery who wasn’t there before. But as I turn to look, he’s gone. And then again, I turn my gaze and he appears, seen just barely within vision to the side, and only when I am not looking directly at him.  His head is wrapped in gauze and his clothes flicker back and forth, from a tattered, ill-fitting suit to a uniform that I can’t quite identify.  His eyes stare forward.  Searching, aching, lost. The half-light of the morning catches on a crystalline earring of woman sitting directly in front of the wandering soul and that refraction seems to touch his head and his chest, creating a brief flash. When I blink the spots from my eyes, he’s gone.  The bus takes all of us on varying journeys. Some are just a little more complicated.


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