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Bus Story: A Not So Nice Nosh

March 14, 2013

He’s eating that bagel like it owes him money. Each indignant bite is more intense than the one before it. Barely chewing, he washes down hunks of the densely chewy bread with swigs from a can of store-brand cola. He finishes the last bite and I feel myself release the breath I didn’t know i was holding. His face, lined and weather-beaten, seems to relax for only a moment before he reaches into a paper sack and withdraws yet another bagel. With determination and what I believe to be a barely suppressed howl of frustration, he begins to tear into it. Sisyphus had a boulder and a mountain. Prometheus endured his liver being eaten by an eagle repeatedly. I wonder what this poor schlub did to offend the gods and be cursed to eat a plain bagel again and again for eternity.


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