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Bus Story: Teamwork in a Confined Space

March 7, 2013

It’s a spitty-drizzly sort of morning with the promise of spring dancing just out of reach. A crowded coach puts riders in close quarters, almost cheek to jowl in some cases. Looking through the crowd, there is a couple, seated side by side. She appears to have eaten a case of lemons. Pinched and severe, she casts her eye among the riders, examining each through dark rimmed, hard-edged glasses. Every so often, she leans to the man next to her and makes a comment, never looking at him, but with a slight incline or flicker of her gaze, refers him to the subject of her address. He is squat and powerful looking, with a blunt haircut and a mustache from any 70’s television cop show. His attention is intense, absorbing her every word, each tiny inflection and direction. As we hit a slow patch on the road, her frustration shows and she seems to have run out of targets. I can imagine that when the avatars of Judgement and Punishment are ready to move along, they’re not used to traffic delays.


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