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Bus Story: Only Her Stylist Knows For Sure

March 5, 2013

Her hair would make Willy Wonka salivate. Dark, rich brown curls piled in an ever-tightening spiral atop her head, they summon images of Seussian design and a confectioner’s delight. Interwoven are gold threads, too thin to be ribbons, that catch the gray morning light. The few wisps that have escaped the coiffure are as chocolate smoke, hovering over the most perfect cup of cocoa. It is such a sight that a Skateboard Lad, squished into the row next to her, gazes at her locks and, at each lurch of the bus, just barely restrains from taking a bite. Stay strong, bucko, I don’t know what charges hair biting would bring, but I’m sure there is jail-time involved.


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