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Bus Story: Which Came First, Hats or Madness?

February 28, 2013

As our shiny carriage hurtles along through the rain, I notice a number of unusual hats adorning the heads of my fellow riders. A floppy brown and green Gilligan-hat here, a fuzzy yellow homburg there. A wide brimmed black hat catches my attention. It’s not quite big enough to be reminiscent of Mr Eastwood’s chapeau in his spaghetti-western days. Nor is it small enough to be a nod to the bygone days of The Bowery Boys. Then it hits me…it’s the hat Buster Keaton wears in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”. Panning down to see its wearer, he’s grey-muzzled with bright white plastic framed glasses. A vibrant and gauzy Middle Eastern red, gold, and orange scarf engulfs his neck, and arranged on his fingerless gloved hands are a plethora of silver rings. So now all I can imagine is a strange hybridization of Buster Keaton, Mata Hari, and Karl Lagerfeld. I really need to eat lunch earlier; I think low blood sugar is messing with my head.


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