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Bus Story: The Balance Eternal

February 26, 2013

He boards the bus with a face like a clenched fist. Half-stalking and half-stomping, he makes his way to a seat and hurls himself into it with a petulant thud that is usually reserved for children who don’t get pudding after supper. He rides for a stop or two, glowering and emitting an occasional grunt of indignation. She arrives at the next stop, and climbs aboard with the slightest hint of a pirouette. Her shining face fairly beams happiness with a bit of carelessness. She delicately floats down the aisle with little mind to the people she passes and settles, like a piece of eiderdown, into the seat next to the Man of Fury. Almost immediately, his breathing relaxes and his face smooths into a calmer visage. A tiny smile almost curls his mouth. Next to him, she tightens ever so, and her glow deepens to a more sedate level. Her face shows calm determination and steadfastness. The ole 54 may be gone, but the shiny gray and red C Line continues the tradition of carrying celebrities. It’s nice to see Yin and Yang on the ride downtown. They do so much better when they sit together.


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