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Boat Story: After Shock

December 26, 2012

Going in to work the day after a holiday brings unique sensations. With the boat carrying a scant third of the usual passengers, the first impact is one of wonder. Wondering why you are doing this while so many others are not. Usually, this feeling is supplanted by a pleasant, but fleeting, sense that you and your small band of fellow travelers are holding the world’s commerce together because you are going to work so others don’t have to. This one passes quickly, as I said. The third feeling is a combination of two rationalizations that make it possible to be effective on such a day. One imagines that, with so many others out, the workload may be lighter and we can “get all kinds of stuff done”. And, just to complete the image, there is a firmly held belief that someone will bring treats or play really cool, funky dance music over the phone system to make the day go faster. If you are not working, then give your Bloody Mary a swizzle with the celery and go back to whatever you were doing. If, like me, you are at work, then hold fast to your rationalizations and we’ll get through this together. Happiest of holidays to you, gentle readers!


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