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Boat Story: The Connection

September 14, 2012

She is a riot of purple and green. Nothing about her wildly colorful dress or accessories is demure or muted. Large spangly earrings catch the sun and the refracted light dances around her face. Even her handbag is a cacophony of reds, purples and silver bits. And yet there she sits, hands folded ever so on her lap, the picture of statue-like calm on her long, handsome face. Wee children cavort mere feet from her, and her eyes take in their antics, but nary an expression flickers in her demeanor. Who is this enigma woman? She fairly shrieks in her choice of accouterments but, all outward signs indicate a quiet, restrained personality. We arrive at the dock and I watch her disembark, as she steps very carefully off the gangplank. And then, almost instantly, as when a hood is removed from a falcon, as she steps on land, her eyes light up, she takes a deep breath, and laughs out loud. She greets someone waiting dockside with a whoop, and all the gusto of the person I expected when I saw her outfit. For some, traveling on water may be handy, but they can’t truly be themselves without their feet firmly planted on the Earth. 


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