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Boat Story: Noises Off, or Is It Any Wonder That My Head Hurts?

August 25, 2012

Shrieking. So much shrieking. In and amongst the shrieks, there are snorts, harrumphs, and the occasional grunt. You might be imaging, gentle reader, that some rare swamp bird found its way onto the water taxi, and was crying out in distress. Or Nessie had found her way from her loch in Scotland to Puget Sound and was having a sea monster chat with the crew. But alas, it is not so exotic. The cacophony of sounds comes from a small huddle of riders, gathered around a table, watching a video on someone’s iPhone. Communal viewing is such a part of the human experience. I am sure that Nog and Grug, Neanderthal cousins, looked at a newly discovered animal together and were richer for the shared experience, snorting and growling their excitement. What I don’t understand is why our guttural exclamations haven’t really changed much in all this time. With this in mind, I can now picture future evolutionary beings, perhaps floating orbs of energy, watching a black hole gobble up a planet and the best they can manage is still a grunt and maybe a barrage of giggles.


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