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Sidewalk Story: When You Wish Upon A Star…Be Specific

August 17, 2012

Her big, blue eyes stare directly ahead. As the heat radiates up from the sidewalk, she gingerly puts one high-heeled foot in front of the other; tentatively, like a Drag Princess trying out her first pair of Jimmy Choo knock-offs. Dressed in a pale pink party dress, she looks a bit out of place among the throng of software developers, homeless, and sports fans that pack the neighborhood. I think, at first, she’s a lost tourist or an escapee from some dinner-theatre show. But then she trips, ever so slightly, on a crack in the pavement and what follows is a string of expletives that made me wish for a stenographer. She regains her footing, glances around to see if anyone heard, and gives her neck a little crack. Now I get it. Pinocchio was one thing, but when that damn Blue Fairy gave Mary Maybelline sentience, she didn’t count on her foul mouth.

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