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Airport Story: The Certainty of Age

August 12, 2012

At the gate, waiting to begin the Boarding By Row Dance, I notice a wee boy, no more than three. Sunlight blond hair, pudgy cheeks, and big, round, questioning eyes. He is firmly planted at the door to the jetway, insistently gesturing to his Questioning Her Choice of Carry-On Luggage Mom to come with him. His face is resolute. She gently says, “No, honey, it’s not time yet.” His brows knit together, and you can fairly hear the newly minted gears working in his head. Finally, he stamps his foot, ever so, and pronounces “Yes. Yes it IS time.” You can see him heading toward a meltdown; ready to make a stand for what he knows is proper procedure, when an airplane scoots by on the runway, visible through the large window. He dashes for the window, pressing his nose to the glass, enraptured by the marvel of big mechanical things. There are few things as certain in this world as a small boy’s insistence of The Truth…and a love of large pieces of machinery.


From → Not Bus Stories

  1. kimberly bobrow jennery permalink

    Richard, truly, you have such a beautiful way with words! I hope you do compile your stories and publish them as a collection!

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