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Boat Story: Imperial Outlook

June 14, 2012

She arrives like the night; inexorable and with a potential for danger. Cloaked in a swirling mass of draped twill, in varying shades of green, she stands a good six feet tall, hair is what the bottle-color claims to be “auburn.” The buzz of quiet conversation on board ceases as she barrels up the gangplank, her barking laugh piercing the ambient sounds of the boat and passengers. Taking us all in with a gaze usually employed by monarchs in the 1800’s, she pronounces the day too grey, the ramp too steep, and her bag too heavy. And then she waits, as if expecting attendants to appear and make things right. But instead, the boat pulls away from the dock with a lurch, and she plops, unceremoniously into a seat. We would all love magical minions to fix the world, Countess deLoud, but for now, take a seat and enjoy the ride.

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