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Boat Story: Reaction Jackson

May 25, 2012

Oh the indignity of it all! The total and utter life-crushing horror! These were the sentiments flung across the lower deck as the water taxi prepared to depart. I am extrapolating the actual words because all that my fellow passengers and I heard were a long series of huffs, snorts, and groans, plus a goodly amount of almost audible eye-rolls. The drama emanated from a young man, kitted out in full serious bike-rider regalia. Not the shiny insectivoid style from a Bus Story in the past, but more mundane outfit and helmet. If fire-engine red spandex is ever mundane. And the horror visited upon him, you ask, gentle reader? What is the cause of his anguish? He can’t find a place for his bike in the racks. They are too full and no one has left him enough room. As the boat begins the journey, he stomps about a bit, hefting his bike on his shoulder, as if he has to carry it up Mt Fuji, rather than just lean it to one side for the 10 minute crossing. Best that you learn to moderate your reactions to life, Drama Cyclist. Worse things may happen and you’ll need some way to escalate your freak-out without having your head explode under your bright red helmet.


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